U.N.A.D. - Unión Española de Asociaciones y Entidades de Atención al Drogodependiente (Spain)

U.N.A.D. is a non governmental, non profit organisation which intercedes in the field of addictions with and without substance and the problems that result from them. It gathers 231 entities that share a comprehensive and integrating common model which focuses on the person and tackles the gender perspective.

Institut za Raziskave in Razvoj UTRIP Zavod (Slovenia)

UTRIP is non governmental, non profit investigation institute with wide experience in the field of prevention and treatment of addictions. Its main objective is to conduct researches, develop, implement, monitor and assess projects and programmes in the field of youth risk behaviour, addiction prevention, health promotion and healthy lifestyle.

Asociatia RHRN - Romanian Harm Reduction Network (Romania)

RHRN was founded in 2006 as a network of organisations working in the field of harm reduction due to substance abuse. Its purpose is to provide information on detoxification, substitution and psychiatric help, as well as information and support for testing infectious diseases and other harm reduction services for vulnerable and at-risk populations.

DIANOVA - Associação Dianova (Portugal)

DIANOVA is established in Portugal since 1984 as an active and integrated agent of a social safety network. It is a recognised Public Utility Entity specialised in drug prevention and health promotion, addiction treatment, professional reintegration, training and social inclusion.

SANANIM Z.U. (Czech Republic)

SANANIM is a non governmental organisation that provides services to addicted people. It offers professional assistance to addicted people through a network of projects and programmes on prevention, attention, treatment and social rehabilitation.

FEDITO BXL- Fédération Bruxelloise Francophone des Institutions pour Toxicomanes ABSL (Belgium)

FEDITO is made up 27 member organisations which work actively in the awareness, prevention, harm reduction, care and support related to the psychoactive substance consumption and addictions. FEDITO is also distinguished by the diversity of its members, ranging from outpatient services to training and guidance professionals, among other.